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Global Perspectives and Thinking Skills

Interested in taking a ground-breaking course stretching across traditional subject boundaries?

Explore IGCSE Global Perspectives!

There is no magic formula for getting selected for Global Perspectives. However, you have a great chance of getting selected if you

  • Have taken full advantage of the curricular and extracurricular opportunities available to you in school.
  • Have achieved above average grades in all subjects since Grade 7
  • Have the ability to think and work independently
  • Can empathize with the needs and rights of others
  • Can manage your time effectively
  • Are able to think critically about a range of global issues where there are more than just one points of view
  • Have well- developed essay writing skills
  • Can analyze, evaluate and develop facts, ideas and opinions
  • Have the tools and skills to research effectively
  • Use a range of appropriate vocabulary
  • Can communicate clearly, fluently and purposefully as an individual and in a team.

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Thinking Skills

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