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Our Vision

Our vision is a holistic and dynamic one that appreciates diversity and stresses the importance of opinions based on rational and informed premises rather that on superstition, emotion and insufficient understanding of issues. Emphasis is laid on creating a culture of thinking in the classroom and education is seen as a broad and complex process of acquiring both knowledge and understanding.

We aspire to make our students aware of contemporary issues,both national and worldwide, and their personal role not only in developing an understanding of these issues but prompting a desire to translate that knowledge into active commitment and take steps, where possible, to bring about positive change in their environment.

We have taken several initiatives in the field of education in Pakistan, including the promotion of the performing arts which we felt were being neglected at great cost to our cultural tradition and a healthier social milieu. LGS also lays great emphasis on the teaching of regional languages so that our students develop an appreciation of their cultural roots and a pride in the rich traditions of literature and music of their province.

We take great pride in the fact that community service is a critical element of our program, where our students are encouraged to share their skills and learn from the courage and resilience of those less fortunate than themselves.

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Behavior Policy

At Lahore Grammar School we are committed to the development and growth of the whole child through a positive learning environment. We believe in the right balance of control and freedom by the use of a fair reinforcement system, which emphasizes good behaviour, sets high standards of work and creates a friendly atmosphere.

Our rewards and consequences system supports achievement in the fullest sense: academic, extracurricular and community service.

The school core values are Honesty, Compassion, Respect, Responsibility and Courage.

Our Principles

Fairness all staff at this school are committed to ensure that students are dealt with fairly within this area of school. A consistent approach is used across all areas of the curriculum and year groups.

Equal opportunity all students will be able to achieve their potential when working within the guidelines of behaviour and rewards whilst achieving further goals.

Ethos we aim to create a constructive environment where all students can work positively for the benefit of
themselves and others.


Students will be rewarded for good work, conduct and effort.

Golden Rules
  • We show respect to people around us
  • We show respect for our environment
  • We respect our and other people’s time
  • We ensure our and others’ safety

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On a regular basis the Principal, class teachers, coordinators, other staff and School Council members will gather information regarding rewards and consequences. This will be evaluated to measure the effectiveness of the system and to allow constructive suggestions for improvement to be made.

Our Commitment

We are committed to creating a climate where praise and reward outweigh consequences and sanctions. At LGS 55 Main:

  • Every student has a right to learn
  • Every teacher has the right to teach
  • No one has the right to disrupt teaching or learning

Creating a Bullying Proof School.
Maira Khan, School Counselor

A Guide for Parents
Bullying can be found in every school in the world. At our school we take the position that bullying in any form, is not a “normal” part of growing up – it is a very serious matter. The effects of bullying on student health and learning are far-reaching.

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