Middle and Senior School Admission Procedure

To apply to our branch, parents must visit the school with the following documents to complete the Registration Form.

  • NADRA Birth Certificate or B-Form or copy of valid Passport
  • Most current report card
  • Two recent passport sized photographs
  • Receipt of paid registration fee (Rs 3000)

Registration Forms can be collected by scheduling an appointment with Ms. Mehwish Faran for prospective Middle School applicants or Ms. Aisha Javed for prospective O’Level applicants.

While filling out the Registration Form, please ensure that all details are accurate as changes cannot be made at a later stage.

Once the complete Registration Form and registration payment has been submitted, the School Office will contact you regarding Admission Tests.

After your child has taken the Admission Tests, you will receive a phone call from the school within one week to let you know if your daughter has or has not passed.

If your daughter is offered admission, you will be requested to come and complete the rest of the registration procedure. This procedure entails signing a Letter of Acceptance, filling out a detailed Health Form, and paying the fee bill within one week of receiving the Letter of Acceptance. Once all this has been done, parents will return the Health Form along with a receipt of payment of the school fee; your daughter will then be enrolled in our school.

Admission Tests and Test Dates

For admission into Middle School, the student will be required to sit an English and Urdu proficiency test in addition to a Mathematics test. Students coming from abroad, who have limited knowledge of spoken or written Urdu, may be exempt from the Urdu test. However, if the child is a Pakistani citizen she will be required to take Urdu. Therefore, parents need to inform the school about the level of their child’s Urdu language skills.

For admission into O’Levels, the student will initially be required to sit an English and Urdu proficiency test in addition to a Mathematics test. If the student passes these tests, she will then be called in for elective subject tests the following week. These tests will vary, depending on the subjects chosen by the student, i.e Sciences, Additional Mathematics or Art.

Admission Tests for the 2017-2018 academic year are scheduled for Saturday, April 21st, Saturday, June 9th and Saturday, August 11th, 2018. Parents are required to have completed the registration process before the test date.

Admission Test Requirements

English and Urdu

Creative Writing: Your child’s writing will be assessed on the following; relevance to topic, adequate content and detail, flow of ideas and imagination, organization, vocabulary, syntax, spelling and punctuation.
Comprehension: Your child will be asked to read an age-appropriate un-seen passage and answer questions. The questions may be direct or inferential, she may be asked to give her opinion and support it with reasons and she may be asked to sequence or synthesize the material in the passage.

Your daughter will be required to take a Mathematics test, which will assess her number and problem solving skills.

On the day of the test, an adult will need to accompany the student to school and hand her over to the Administrator in charge of conducting the Admission Test. Please ensure that the student has had breakfast and has relevant stationery and a bottle of water with her.

General Science(Admissions into Grade 9)

Click here for the  General Science syllabus.

Science(Admissions into Grade 10)

Click here  for the  Physics/Chemistry/Biology  syllabus.

Students appearing for Admission Test for Classes 6: 3 Hour Duration
Students appearing for Admission Test for Classes 7 and 8: 4 Hour Duration
Students appearing for Admission Test for Classes 9-10: 4 Hour Duration

A’level Admission Procedure

For admission into A’levels, please collect the A’level Prospectus from our campus. An appointment can be made with the A’level Coordinator, Mrs. Amber Tariq at + 92 42 3 5712566.