Campus Life

Campus Life


At LGS 55 Main, we believe in learning through a rich diversity of experiences beyond the classroom. With ever increasing technological advances and economic and social interdependence, the world has transformed into a global village. Providing exposure plays an integral part in fulfilling our aim of developing and nurturing global citizens. Whether a Model UN conference, NASA’s Space Competition, camp at the Seeds of Peace headquarters, a cultural exchange, or simply a recreational trip, we facilitate and provide endless adventures and opportunities for our students to travel and gain international exposure.

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Harvard Model UN Conference in Hyderabad, India


Model UN Conference in Chandigarh, India


Model UN Conference in New Delhi, India


NASA Competition in Gurgaoun, India


Seeds of Peace Camp in Maine, USA


Astrotrek Astronomy and Science Camp in Shimla, India


Jacobs University Model UN Conference in Bremen, Germany


International Cultural Festival in Turkey


International Cultural Festival in Poland


A’level Annual Trip to Greece in 2014


A’level Annual to Morocco in 2013


A’level Annual Trip to Spain in 2015

Sri Lanka

A’level Annual Trip to Sri Lanka in 2012


A’level Annual Trip to Egypt in 2011


A’level Annual Trip to Thailand in 2010


A’level Annual Trip to Malaysia 2009


NASA Competition in Houston, USA

Public Speaking

In the Model United Nations Society at LGS 55 Main, we aim to educate our students about current events, conflicts in international relations, and the structure and agenda of the United Nations. Students are provided an opportunity to step into the shoes of various ambassadors and empathise with their given country’s stance. Popular topics include peace and security, human rights, the environment, economic development and globalization. We take immense pride in our MUNers who have won Best Delegate and Outstanding Speaker Awards at both national and international conferences in India and Germany. To find out more, explore our MUN Website or get in touch with the MUN Representatives!

Community Service and the Environment

A vibrant, prominent and exciting Society at 55 Main, there are a multitude of projects that members of the Community Service Society have initiated and take part in. Giving back to society has always been one of LGS 55 Main’s core values and the Community Service Society facilitates the student’s ability to do so. At 55 Main, we believe in exposing our students to the reality of the region we live in; Community Service teaches our students to be considerate and compassionate about those less fortunate than us and helps them gain an understanding of the disparity between the resources needed and those available to solve community needs.
We collaborate with REHAI – an organization that works for the educational and vocational training of juvenile and female prisoners. Currently they have set up training centers and schools in two jails in Lahore and are now working to establish the same in one of the biggest jails in Pakistan situated in Faisalabad. Through fundraising, we were able to raise PKR 34,000/- for them.

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Science and Technology

The Science Society here at LGS 55 Main encourages enthusiasm for Science through enquiry and experimentation. We enable students of all abilities to enjoy and understand different scientific concepts and take part in a diverse range of competitions and projects. From holding yearly science fairs to sending students to India for space camps such as Astrotrek, we try to develop passion for science amongst students at a very early age. We facilitate participation in well renowned International competitions such as the Google Science Fair, Intel and various Interschool competitions such as PSIFI. One of the most integral features of the extracurricular program at 55 Main is the Asian Regional Space Settlement Design Competition held by NASA which we have won a record of four times! Here’s what some of our students have to say about their NASA experience:

“Nobody could have prepared us for all the amazing things we were going to experience. The competition itself was what we expected – tough, gruesome, fast paced but at the same time, enjoyable. Apart from that, the people we met, the places we saw, the laughter we shared all made a lasting impression on us. We came back from that border as a stronger team and as better people. All of us would admit, in a heartbeat, that we would want to experience it all over again.” – Hooran Mumtaz

Writing, Music and Drama

55 Main’s Dramatics society, Lahore Grammar Stage, has a philosophy that is centered on the use of symbolism and abstract to deconstruct the fundamental principles of human existence, and to display them using drama as a medium. Theatre is a powerful tool of expression, one where boundaries have no place and any idea can be utilized to portray an emotion and send a message to the masses. Lahore
Grammar Stage takes pride in striving to be different and promoting areas of the performing arts that are neglected in this part of the world. Through performing arts, we challenge our society’s deepest assumptions and stereotypes while spreading awareness and preserving the art and cultural identity of Pakistan. We plan to involve the amateur artist in our dramatic society to build upon their artistic creation and expression, to spark new ideas through theatrical activities and workshops. Our expertise lies in experimental theatre, abstract mimes, dark comedies, street theatre, and shadow theatre. Lahore Grammar Stage reflects this ideology by performing numerous plays which include “Sultana ka Khawaab”, a feminist play set in a Matriarchal society, “Sun Dou Hazaar Ikaasi”, a play about an equal community set in a dystopian world, and “Death”, a dark comedy depicting the mind of a serial killer.


The Sports Society at LGS 55 Main was founded to promote sports among young girls and to instill a life-long love of physical activity in all of our students.
Our diverse sports society caters to a number of sports including Net Ball, Throw Ball, Soft Ball and Swimming. As a renowned institution, we feel it is our responsibility to provide our students with the resources they need, such as professional coaching and equipment, to become better athletes. Other than the regular sports period, after school and weekend practice sessions are held to train for upcoming Inter-school and Intra-school events.

The Sports Society has been a source of pride for the school for many years through its active involvement in many sporting events that take place throughout the year. This year, we were awarded the Best Delegation trophy at LGS Shah Jamal’s Sports Fest’15, winning either a gold or silver in almost all categories. Our school is known for its competitive skills at the Punjab Olympics where we secured first position in Net Ball four out of the five times. This qualified us for the Net Ball Nationals, which we actively participated in from 2009 to 2012.

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Media and Publications

Celebrating 35 Years of Mashal Magazine!

The publication of the Mashal is a time-honored tradition that brings together the perspectives, imaginative musings, year-round activities, and artistic abilities of 55 Main into one magazine.
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You don’t take a photograph, you make it.

The significance of the media society in the history of 55 Main is akin to that of pixels in a photograph. As a team, we strive to capture every moment that occurs within the walls of 55 Main.
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