Primary school Campus Life

primary school Campus Life


Based on the concept of discovery learning, this is one of the favorite rooms in the school. Here children get a chance to carry on hands-on activities and do experiments and make collective projects related to social science themes.


The Multimedia facility is used to show documentaries and video clips of topics related to their work. Children find these fascinating and we feel this is an enriching experience, away from the typical cartoon and animated movies that most children are exposed to.


A well equipped computer lab for classes Nursery to Class 1. Children work on-line, learning through various interactive educational software. Our mathematics program is also computer based and is effective in further sharpening students’ computational ability and developing their computer skills.


Art work is not limited to working in the art room alone. We encourage students to express themselves using different mediums. Our students have ample opportunity to go outdoors and use sidewalk chalk and paint brushes to help develop their fine motor skills.


The much loved songs, nursery rhymes and poems, both in English and Urdu are incorporated in our music curriculum. Besides developing a sense of rhythm and harmony, poems are a wonderful tool for language development. The selection of songs and rhymes are based on the different themes covered in the curriculum.


We believe that the ability to share and express ideas and experiences with their teachers and peers is an important aspect of child’s development process. At 31 FCC, children regularly give class presentations on a range of curriculum based topics. We feel it’s never too early to start; even the playgroups have circle time for ‘show and tell’.

Puppet Class:

Children enjoy the world of make believe and are fascinated by the movement of the puppets and the exciting stories they get to hear in the puppet class.


We have a well stocked library with a range of books in both English and Urdu.

We also offer karate, gymnastics and dance.