Global Perspectives Pilot School

Global Perspectives Pilot School

We are delighted to announce that LGS 55 Main is the only school in Pakistan chosen to take part in an exclusive two-year pilot programme with Cambridge to introduce Global Perspectives to primary and secondary levels.

When launched in August 2016, this Global Perspectives programme will sit at the heart of our curriculum and strengthen links across subjects starting from Prep in LGS 31 FCC all the way to Grade 8 at LGS 55 Main. Subsequently, students can opt for IGCSE and A’level Global Perspectives.

Global Perspectives takes a cross-curricular approach to introducing the skills learners need for success in higher education and employment. By studying global issues using a global, national and personal approach, our students will explore different and often opposing perspectives to develop critical thinking, research and communication skills starting from the age of 5 right up to 14.

Why have we decided to take this step? Our biggest motivator is improving student experience and student outcomes. We aspire to make our students aware of contemporary issues, both global and national, and their personal role not only in developing an understanding of these issues but encouraging a desire to translate that into active commitment and take steps, where possible, to bring about positive change in our environment.

In addition, we expect that introducing Global Perspectives into our teaching and learning will provide our teachers with valuable, ongoing professional development, allow our school to be part of a small and select network of Cambridge schools from across the world collaborating with one another, give our teachers opportunities to feedback directly to Cambridge staff, and enable us to set ourselves apart as one of only twenty schools worldwide chosen for this programme by Cambridge International Examinations.

We are very excited about the launch and look forward to a productive and rewarding two years!