The Media Society

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

The significance of the media society in the history of 55 Main is akin to that of pixels in a photograph. As a team, we strive to capture every moment that occurs within the walls of 55 Main. We capture today’s moments in hope of preserving them for tomorrow. The Media Society is not confined to merely taking pictures, but allows students to broaden their perspectives and allows them to see the world whatever way they choose to. Photography, video and documentary making, editing and creating graphics are some aspects our Media Society focuses on. For every event, we have ready an efficient team of individuals to engrave it in the timeline of 55 Main.
As a society, we encourage students to participate in all media related activities. The society is not only limited to the senior school but also extends opportunities to younger students. Get in touch media. if you think you maybe interested in joining us, we will be excited to hear from you!