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ICT Society

We live in a society where technology is key. Most of us feel incomplete without our mobile phones, laptops, Ipads or Ipods. Whether for academic purposes or entertainment, this generation thrives on technology. Technology opens a whole arena of possibilities, opens millions of doors, and connects one person to another regardless of which part of the world they live in.

In the year 2012, the students of LGS 55 Main proposed to incorporate Information Communication Technology in the form of a society to honor the importance of technology in today’s world. The society held its first competition the GISTC (Grammar Inter-School Technology Competition) in January 2013.

Over the years, the ICT society has progressed greatly. We offer countless opportunities to our students to showcase their talent and aptitude. In 2014, we arranged internships at Alif Laila where our students taught ICT skills to underprivileged students. We then arranged a bake sale to raise money to buy computers for underprivileged students. We facilitated and organized internships at Whiz Kids by Plan9 where our students worked with experts to learned new skills and techniques. During the year, students take part in many competitions at both the provincial and national level such as INTEL Science fair, Parakration, JT Innoventions, COSMOS etc. The society also organizes interhouse competitions to help students develop and build IT related skills. Recently, we have hired professionals who are teaching our students graphic designing and robotics.

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