31FCC Admissions


Could 31 FCC be right for you? We seek to admit optimistic, energetic, and engaged students who are ready to take advantage of the world of endless opportunities and challenges we provide to our students. 31 FCC offers a flexible curriculum enriched by a wide variety of activities.

Admission Procedure:

To apply to our branch, parents must visit the school to complete the Admission Registration Form. Registration forms can be collected by scheduling an appointment with the Accounts Office. Phone Number: (042)- 35750205

While filling out the registration form, please ensure that all details are accurate, as changes cannot be made at a later stage.

>Once the complete registration form and registration payment has been submitted, the School Office will contact you regarding Admission Tests.

After your child has taken the Admission Exams, you will receive a phone call from the school to let you know if your child has or has not passed. The school will get in touch with you within five working days from the date the admission test was taken.

If your child is offered admission, you will be requested to come and complete the rest of the registration procedure. This procedure entails signing a letter of acceptance, filling out a detailed Health Form, and paying the fee bill within one week of receiving the Letter of Acceptance. Once all this has been done, parents will return the Health Form along with a receipt of payment of the school fee; your child will then be enrolled in our school.

Admission Tests

For admission into Playgroup or Nursery, your child will be required to sit an aptitude test.
For admission into Prep and Grade 1, your child will be required to sit an English Urdu and Numbers Test.

Admission Requirements

  • A copy of child’s birth certificate
  • Two passport size colored photographs of the child
  • Previous school record (if any)
  • Health record: Up to date record of all inoculations, name of pediatrician and contact number


Playgroup: 3+ years – Child should turn 3 in the year of admission.
Nursery: 4+ years
Prep: 5+ years
Class 1: 6+ years
Class 2: 7+ years